Saco'69 35th Reunion

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Group Shot taken in Rick's Hospitality Suite on Saturday Night

(front row) Vicky Newton, Lynda Freise (wife of Bob Freise and behind Vicky), Michelle Vanni (wife of Steve Creane), Gayane Palian (Class of '70), Beth Smith, Una Perez (and her friend Doug Meister kneeling behind her), Diana Taylor, Pat Tierney (Class of '70 barely visible), Ron Fuccillo, Nancy Fuccillo (sitting on the arm of the sofa); (back row) Brian Paren (Class of '74), Bob Freise, Miriam Baum (Class of '68), Mary Hernandez (Class of '70), Bobby Freeland (Class of '72), Dave Martin, Don Moore (Class of '74), Rick Smith, Bernard Weiner (husband of Diana Taylor), Steve Creane, Gloria Clegg (Class of '70), Jim Maitland